Nordic Tales in a nutshell

The story of Nordic Tales begun, when I was attending a course and was thinking of a name for a project. Among the words I had written down was Nordic (both refering to the North and to my last name). I have always liked the word tale, the magical feeling of it. These two words just found each other and the story of Nordic Tales was born. And I am still walking on this trail.

Nordic Tales

  • gets the inspiration from nature and often acts as its spokesperson in the told tales
  • the products and services can reach you as a book, a card, a rune, a game, a website, a workshop or perhaps in a coach meeting...
  • some of the manufactured goods are handmade and unique, raw materials straight from nature, some materials are recycled
  • is a meetingplace on the web and face-to-face at fairs, events, workshops and exhibitions
  • creates a network of likeminded artisans and acts in cooperation with them
  • you can also order i.e. "the Runa show" to events
  • events and workshops in cooperation with other partners
  • the force behind Nordic Tales is Monica Nordling, acting alone and together with others